Kurstin Graham- Third Culture, Adventure Filled

I became a “Third Culture Kid” when I moved from Brazil to Ojai, CA to finish high school in 1985. There was not a big change in my life. I was not coming of age or doing anything different. The move was not new. I had moved 5 times before, from Oregon to Japan, to Indonesia, to the United Arab Emirates, to Saudi Arabia, and then Brazil. But our international school councilor called in a group of American students who were returning to the US that year to talk about the challenges of returning to the States as a Third Culture Kid.

I did not realize the differences being a kid who grew up overseas in an international community. It was all I knew. I have been asked if I regretted moving around so much. Not at all. My life has been so rich. The purpose of this blog is to share some of these experiences along with new adventures. I encourage others to share their story as well.


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