Come Fly with Me

I am sure a search for this title will yield a variety of of titles or similar titles but to me it is a title of an unpublished children’s book by my father, Gary J. Graham. To me it is the story of my childhood to young adulthood traveling with my family between 1972 and 1997. Hundreds of take-offs and landings, hours spent in transit terminals, and miles walked visiting the world’s greatest tourist destinations.

This is how my adventure filled life began. My folks, Gary and Paulette, taught me and my sister, Monya (Graham) Manning to live life to its fullest. Adventure was found in all environments, landscapes, cityscapes, cultures, and time zones. This site will chronicle past and future adventures to share my adventure filled life.

7 Paulette, Monya and Kurstin at our new apartment in Mitaka, Japan 1972



4 thoughts on “Come Fly with Me

  1. This a a beautiful start. I look forward to reading more about yout early adventures from your perspective. I heard stories from your Mom and Dad, but now I await your tales. I know your great love and interest of bugs started some far off place in New Guinea. So write away.


  2. Got to get back up to Dry Valley and the old “Winnemucca Dam” before it gets too cold. If you liked there you might like the gorge in sight of Paradise Valley. There is signs of and old lock but no dam. But a lot more water running than Upper Day Valley. I was up there yesterday and all of a sudden another car appeared. I pulled up beside them and asked where they were from. Reno, like me! A young couple half my age with a similar interest!


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